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Xunantunich-Belize-4Belize has an incredible array of soft excursion options as well as some heart-stopping, adrenalin-pumping stuff that bucket-list adventures are made of. Visit ancient Mayan Ruins, zip through the jungle canopy or navigate deep and challenging cave systems with your expert Belizean guide.

In addition to the seemingly abundant supply of adventures throughout Belize, Belmopan happens to be centrally located among the absolutely best and most plentiful soft excursions, full-on adventures and cultural experiences in the entire country.

From El Rey Hotel, our guests can tour by local bus, either privately or in a shared capacity with others. Of course, price points change as you pursue your preferred way of travelling and exploring.

This list of tours is by no means exhaustive; rather, we have chosen to feature some of our guests’ most popular tours. We strongly suggest booking the most popular adventures before your arrival, as carrying capacities are often small and it’s very possible for tours to be sold out on certain days. What a disappointment if the tours you request are sold out on the very days you are staying at El Rey Hotel! Carib-BelizeCave-Tubing-1Also, during cruise ship season (October to May), we avoid particular sites in and around Belmopan, or visit only at certain times of the day. You may depend upon our local knowledge to enhance your enjoyment of these tours by avoiding overcrowded destinations – unless you don’t mind being caught up in large groups of tourists visiting the same sites at the same time as you are.

El Rey Hotel offers easy-to-follow tour icons to help you assess your ability to tour under your own steam or to indicate that you will need the services of guides and vehicles. The full list of tours and the various ways to take the tours (shown by icons) is available at the front desk of the hotel.

indicates that you can use your trusty thumb to find lifts to certain sites, and then simply pay entry fees and look around.

means you can get to the site by bus (sometimes requiring one change). In some cases, you may need to thumb the rest of the way to get to the final destination for that tour.

represents group tours sold to various hotels in the area, which lowers the price because a larger number of people share the transport. Some parts of these tours may be outsourced on location since we often use guides who are experts at one particular site. Our goal is to provide our guests with the highest quality of information available at each site.

indicates that El Rey Hotel operates these tours on a private basis so you can determine both the pace and the level of privacy for your tour. These private tours cost a bit more than the shared tours, but many of our guests find that they are well worth it.